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Good things come to those who believe.

Better things come to those who are patient and the best things comes to those who don’t give up and to who keep smiling, that is why together with John O’Hanlon (Big John), Giuseppe Miggiano first opened the Casa Tua doors on 8 August 2013 in Camden. Their dream of running a restaurant became a reality.

The words ‘Casa Tua’ translate as: ‘Your Home’ in English.

The concept of the restaurant is to create an experience of home dining in Southern Italy.

The food is based on old Italian recipes from Puglia and Mediterranean influences with pleasant, warm, welcoming, passionate staff and unique decor.

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The opening of Casa tua Delizie

After the opening of the two restaurants, Casa Tua Delizie was born.

Casa Tua Delizie is a Fine Italian delicatessen with the greatest sensory show, a wonderland of sights, sounds and especially smells. A selection of shelves products and speciality items maybe you’ve not heard of much as wines that show expression of their vineyard, displaying a sense of provenance, authenticity and quality, our award-winning homemade bronze die pasta, artisan Italian Gelato and Italian Pasticceria for all the sweet cravings and fresh sandwiches using a selection of cheeses, natural preserved vegetable and cured meat from artisanal producers around Italy that enhance the authenticity of their traditional products.

In 2023, Giuseppe and his Team decided to open an e-commerce to give as many people as possible a chance to taste the wonderful Italian wines.

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